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So having successfully done the canal transit we now have to finish provisioning, re-antifoul the hull and get ready for the final plunge... maybe that isn't the best choice of words!
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This is the view looking out over the moorings, jetty and fuel wharf at the Balboa yacht club. You can see a bulk carrier going up to the canal You see some quite surprising things as well such as this purpose built ship bringing 4 cranes from China
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Carnival happened while we were waiting to haul out Unlike Guadeloupe which was the last carnival we went to, where the music tended to be mainly drums, here the main instrument seemed to be saxophones
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We've got a right problem 'ere mate! What are we going to do about this then? Dunno, she looks pretty armless to me
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Excuse me Madame, allow me to adjust your dress And here she apparently is, on her feet again and none the worse for a few staples in the shoulders
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And here we are, finally getting the hull re-painted in a tasteful shade of red. We couldn't find any of our usual blue but we will be so low in the water because of all the stores that it won't show.

From tasteful to tuneful
Marianne from Brio having a go with my concertina or rumphgigli as she says it is called in Swiss German.