Beveridge Reef
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People occasionally ask what we do at night when sailing across oceans. Here we are doing exactly what they must imagine we do which is anchoring in the middle of the sea! We are actually anchored on top of a 5,000m high mountain whose top is just below the water and which has acquired a narrow rim of reef which to date is also still submerged 

The Edge of the World.jpg (46573 bytes)

Birth of an Atoll.jpg (64554 bytes)

Like the edge of the world - the view in all directions

The birth of an atoll where the wave action is piling up dead coral inside the crater. It won't be long before something stays above water for long enough for someone to claim a new land

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Wreck in the Distance.jpg (53518 bytes)

New baby atoll - in 500 years time there will probably be a fast food outlet here

The only thing to break the surface is an incautious fishing boat

close up wreck.jpg (72430 bytes)

close wreck.jpg (99855 bytes)

Oh dear!

Rather a sad sight

green flash.jpg (77154 bytes)

Of course I didn't capture it on camera but we got the elusive green flash this evening in the last second of the setting sun

From the middle of nowhere to another tiny spec in the ocean