Malolo Lailai
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To be fair, this island is only ridiculous from our point of view as it is a private island completely covered in resorts. Although yachts are welcome and you can get life membership of the yacht club for 1Fiji$ it still felt very odd to be here

dock musket bay.jpg (58790 bytes)

musket cove.jpg (81427 bytes)

The dock from where the game fishing boats leave

Apart from the inevitable beach apartments there are a series of artificial waterways with guest huts alongside

swimming pool.jpg (89511 bytes)

pool.jpg (98556 bytes)

The swimming pool has an old yacht embedded into it as a poolside bar-what an ignominious end!

behind the pool is Dick's bar. The island is owned by Dick Smith who is an ultra rich Australian Richard Branson type

aircraft hanger.jpg (98316 bytes)

runway.jpg (59612 bytes)

They have their own aircraft

and of course a runway to suit


A couple of days of hanging around on the edges of this other world and we went back to Mana to pick up Hlne again. From here we went back to the mainland to clear out. So now we are leaving a country where, just over 100 years ago, members of the London Missionary Society featured large on the menus and once again heading off to another part of the great French empire,