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First sight of Turkey

Last sight of Turkey - Leaving Bodrum harbour

Foss and Rica are enjoying themselves....

....but is Erik?

However, it isn't all gin and tonics floating round the Greek islands

It isn't all fun for the lunch either

Nice to get an anchorage all to yourself

Debbie and Andy learning rowing skills

Sometimes you get rowed ashore

and sometimes you have to swim for it

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Malta, going back into the water

Now that's what I call a boat! Charlotte built in Glasgow and being used for day trips in Malta

and that's what I call a bus!

Alga in Slima harbour, Malta

More ancient history. The Spanish of Cartagena re-enacting the Roman siege.

Looking like a toy, hauling out in Monastir, Tunisia

Fancy a date?

This is how you know the meat is fresh in Tunisia

Just in case anyone can't remember which boat they are supposed to be on