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Monjes del Sur

This is the last outpost of Venezuela but is really just a rock with a Guarda Costa post. It is really two rocks joined by a man-made breakwater which forms a little harbour. The fishing boats use it as a base and they have strung a heavy rope across the inner end of the bay with loops of floating line off it to enable boats to tie up. This works really well although it wouldn't be so great if the wind were to change to a westerly suddenly!
The Guarda came to check us out and to look for stowaways etc as usual but were friendly and fairly chatty insomuch as our limited Spanish allowed. This is the view (rather more pink than it should be) coming in from the east.

We arrived in the early morning having sailed overnight from Curacao. It wasn't a very peaceful night's sail as the night was full of passing ships and one area in the narrows between the Venezuelan mainland and Aruba where there is a loading area for big ships. This was confusing with many lights around the perimeter.
Later in the day Christophe, a single-hander, arrived in a small power boat called Ferloguen  rigged with a small mast and sail. We helped him to tie up as this is tricky here on your own. Christophe is a fanatic fisherman and he gave us a tuna.