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We had quite a rough passage over to New Caledonia with lots of rain

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Rather crowded with 3 of us- one on each bunk and 1 on the floor in the middle as it was too rough to sleep in the bow cabin

The lighthouse on the southern tip of the main island which does have a Caledonian look about it and the weather would certainly remind you of Scotland

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Rust coloured cliffs probably indicting the presence of some of the many minerals that are mined here

Preparing to drop the anchor

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Oh Dear! Our very old mainsail gave up the ghost on the way over and we couldn't put up the new one as the sail slides were too big

Erik with an angle grinder fixing that particular problem

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on Brio.jpg (80289 bytes)

Not a block of flats but a cruise ship coming into Noumea

With Hlne on board Brio

We are running out of energy and enthusiasm now and Noumea is an expensive French city so we have a farewell meal ashore with Hlne and then set off on the last leg to