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Polynesian is a language that has been very short-changed in the consonant department (I think 10) so it makes sure that its vowels work hard for their living, Raiatea for example is a 5 or maybe 6 syllable word

We went round to the carenage because we had a bit of welding to do on one of the hatches and there was internet there

where old boats go to die.jpg (94650 bytes)

and new ones get fettled.jpg (94772 bytes)

Where old boats come to die

and new ones get an overhaul

storm drain.jpg (75122 bytes)

brio on brio.jpg (87420 bytes)

The French work awfully hard at improvements such as this storm culvert but it isn't a pretty sight

Oh well, we can always relax with Jurg, Marianne and a beer on Brio

lagoon bombies.jpg (77241 bytes)

motus.jpg (60131 bytes)

Inside the lagoon behind the protection of the fringing reef with its  motus you can see the coral heads through the clear water

Motus are islands formed from coral broken and tossed up by the big seas beyond the reef

We don't even have to go outside the fringing reef to get to
TAHAA  ( that's Ta-Ha-a)