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It was just coming up to 14th July and the Heiva, a festival of dance and song was on in the main village of Patio 

heiva nui.jpg (81434 bytes)

TABERNACLE choir.jpg (73887 bytes)

All the buildings around the dance floor had been newly thatched

Draped from head to toe in white robes, this group of singers wasn't quite what we expected but the harmonies were great

dancers.jpg (81341 bytes)

Trews.jpg (77363 bytes)

This was more like it - dancers in grass skirts but of course they are moving too fast for my poor camera

This lad seems to have forgotten his trews

aurora!.jpg (84152 bytes)

shrubbery.jpg (76286 bytes)

A band consisting entirely of percussion apart from a solitary ukulele - think about that, Aurora

or a guitar-wielding shrubbery

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we seem to have a bit of a problem.jpg (110875 bytes)

More rain the next night but with our water-catching tarp rigged we filled our tanks up again

Brio having a bit of a problem getting the anchor up

There's yer problem mate! 
A large lump of coral jammed in the anchor

after the calm of Tahaa, we're now going to brave the holiday resort of