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What a difference 250 years has made to what ought to be the epitome of the South Sea Islands.
Certainly Captain Bligh, popping in for breadfruit tree cuttings, would be astonished.
The islanders should have put more effort into eating missionaries.

approach in the morning.jpg (59250 bytes)

main harbour.jpg (64190 bytes)

Doesn't look too bad from a distance - back to the volcanic peaks like the Marquesas rather than the flat atolls of the Tuamotus

When you get close, however, this busy industrial harbor area could be just about anywhere

hillside development.jpg (71922 bytes)

Hotel Development.jpg (79148 bytes)

Housing development up the hillsides

and hotel developments on the waterfront

French traffic.jpg (74558 bytes)

marina.jpg (89264 bytes)

The French have spread their notions of parking to all their territories

Boats as well as cars

passage through reef.jpg (66811 bytes)

red buoy.jpg (75257 bytes)

The flat water shows where the passage is through the reef

The breakers crashing on the reef outside the marked channel

enough of so-called civilization, lets have a look at the island you can see in the background which is