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We spent a night and a day in a bay on the island of Tahuata and then sailed all night to Ua Pou

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This picture doesn't do justice to the twisted rock formations on the southern end of the island

Wow! Erik could hardly lift this Wahoo and was not delighted that I was taking a picture rather than helping land it

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Proud Fisherman

It just fitted diagonally across the cockpit measuring 160cm long

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We had hardly recovered from the excitement of catching the Wahoo when a huge pod of dolphins came along to play, including this mother and baby

Three dolphins in one long ripple

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Finally managed to get a photo as one surfaced! The camera is full of 'not quite a dolphin' pictures

The new jetty at Hakahetau with the amazing skyline behind

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 Holler, the son of the retired school master who invited us back to their house for lunch. The Marquisians are renowned, even amongst other Polynesians for their tattoos 

Holler ( Marquisian name Teikivaehee meaning slippery feet ) cooking breadfruit. 

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Grandfather's house with tiki carvings.
Traditionally children are named and brought up by the grandparents leaving the parents free to get food

Looking down from the house at Alga in splendid solitude in the bay


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The church in Hakaitau with an altar carved from a whole tree stump complete with roots

Twice a month the Aranui 3 comes with supplies from Tahiti

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The whole population seems to gather on the quayside for the event

and plays dodgems with trucks and forklifts

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Distant view of all those volcanic peaks again as we sail over to