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Tonga, the last kingdom in the Southern Hemisphere and the only Pacific country that hasn't been ruled by a foreign power.
We've just missed being here for the coronation of the new king George the fifth
There are three main island groups and we have come to the northern most one which is Vava'U

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Grass skirts are all the rage here, even for the teenagers, but they are very different from the ones on previous islands in Polynesia

They are more like grass rugs and are worn by the men as well

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Like Niue, the islands are old coral, raised by tectonic action.

Unlike Niue, there are hundreds of islands and often with fine caves. This one is big enough to get a small boat into.

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Looking up and out

Looking through and out

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Waiting for dinner

Feeding frenzy

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Inside the market

Taro roots. We've tried this a few times: as purple ice cream, as a vegetable and as a pudding. Don't really like it in any form but it is the staple crop of the islands

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Members of the brass band that we could hear practicing every day.
Brass bands feature large in Tonga and are wheeled out for every occasion

One last thing we did before leaving was to pick up a hitch-hiker. This is Hlne being delivered to Alga by Bernado

It has been very wet for days now so in the next break we are leaving in the hope of being through the convergence zone by the time we get to