Water, water everywhere.....
nor breath nor motion.jpg (55132 bytes) painted ocean.jpg (51903 bytes)
... day after day we stuck, nor breath nor motion... ....as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean
I swear I never touched that albatross!
barely.jpg (66089 bytes) sea state what.jpg (70196 bytes)
Barely enough wind to sail by Slightly better
just enough to sail with.jpg (65453 bytes) the rip.jpg (98792 bytes)
but not much The current helping us along
more later, but for now
Consider getting a new hobby if you are bored enough to come back to look at the next stage of the journey's seas, but here they are anyway
sea again.jpg (73217 bytes) sea4.jpg (69657 bytes)
A bit of a quiet start with some invisible dolphins rounding up fish more than a bit quiet actually!
sea1.jpg (78628 bytes) sea6.jpg (66692 bytes)
nice colour but not much happening and the sun coming up over a still very calm ocean
sea2.jpg (77282 bytes) sea7.jpg (83524 bytes)
oops! starting to heel a bit most of this apparent activity is our bow wave
sea12.jpg (59913 bytes) sea11.jpg (64826 bytes)
and finally a bit more wind with rain squalls
and 32 days later