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Apart from thunderstorms on the last day our last passage was very pleasant and after 17 years,2 months and 5 days Erik enters Moreton Bay and completes his circumnavigation 

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is this really home.jpg (62877 bytes)

The outermost marker for Moreton Bay

Is this dismal, grey, rainy place really home?

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Container ship, bulk carrier and us all squeezing through the channel

Wet, dark and industrial but a surprisingly friendly welcome from the Quarantine and Customs officials who were waiting for us when we finally got in and who did all our clearances in one and a half hours

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Storey bridge.jpg (74940 bytes)

Ah! That's better, a bit of sunshine in the morning as we go under the Gateway bridge

Ambling up the river towards the city

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up to the Story bridge.jpg (79005 bytes)

In celebration of the circumnavigation we've dressed Alga overall with the courtesy flags from all the countries that we've visited

Approaching the Story Bridge

Alga back at home and lying at anchor beside the Botanical Gardens just across the river from Kangaroo point from where this all started