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There are so many islands in the archipelago that you could spend a whole season exploring them. We don't have that sort of time so we decided to go to one and look round it properly. The Tuamotus are actually not really islands at all but consist of narrow strips of coral and sand attached to the rims of ancient submerged volcanoes.

Island Strip.jpg (61142 bytes)

Pedal power.jpg (121874 bytes)

You can see how narrow the strip of land is - the ocean is visible (just) on the other side of the palm trees.

We hired bikes and went exploring since there were no hills and not very many miles!

Church.jpg (73751 bytes)

Lighthouse.jpg (80644 bytes)

A Guiding light for landsmen

and for seamen

Erik the nut.jpg (85607 bytes)

Reef overview.jpg (64957 bytes)

Erik seems to have a mission in life to plant as many coconuts as possible and is always rescuing stray nuts (bit of an own goal there, Foss!)

Areas of reef in the lagoon visible through the clear water

The water was so perfectly clear and still that we didn't need an underwater camera to take these photos of corals. 
If it wasn't for the odd fish swimming amongst them you would think they were pictures of a rockery.

Coral Arch.jpg (104112 bytes)

coral colours.jpg (123698 bytes)

coral garden.jpg (104271 bytes)

Coral edge.jpg (91581 bytes)

Noni Coral.jpg (112609 bytes)

Pink coral.jpg (103168 bytes)

pink coral with fish.jpg (106010 bytes)

shoal fish.jpg (97169 bytes)

Black Tip.jpg (70465 bytes)

fish.jpg (77934 bytes)

Black-Tip shark that Erik called up by splashing in the water

Potential dinner if it wasn't for the danger of ciguatera poisoning

Clams.jpg (115481 bytes)

closing clam.jpg (105312 bytes)

Clams waiting for their dinner

and clamming up

Baking day.jpg (80960 bytes)

Washday.jpg (87138 bytes)

Baking day

Wash day

Now all the chores are done we can set off for