Fatu Hiva
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and on the morning of the 32nd day

Bearded Skipper.jpg (79180 bytes)

Yes, it isn't a wandering sailor's mirage. It really is an island.

and about time too by the look of Erik


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quayside Hanavave.jpg (75238 bytes)

some spectacular rock formations

and towering over the quayside as well

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Hard to believe it's a hull.jpg (98462 bytes)

Alga seems to have grown a beard in sympathy with the skipper

Hard to believe this is a hull but you can see where the anti-foul has done some good ( the red bits ) as opposed to the hull above( used to be blue bits)

cleaning the hull.jpg (86552 bytes)

boys and dinghy.jpg (76582 bytes)

Erik cleaning the growth off the hull ( but not off his face)

The kids hitching a lift on the stern of the dinghy

back yard pigs.jpg (111678 bytes)

Hanavave from above.jpg (97416 bytes)

Hanavave village with tethered pigs

We decided to walk over the hills from Hanavave to the next village

Erik contemplating a walk.jpg (86647 bytes)

Alga in the bay.jpg (74375 bytes)


Erik contemplating the task ahead

Looking down at the boats in the bay. Alga is just visible at the bottom right

looking back down the trail.jpg (97470 bytes)

wild flowers.jpg (120153 bytes)

Looking back down

The wild flowers alongside the trail

down to Omoa.jpg (81643 bytes)


and finally, 4 hours later, down into Omoa where we were too tired to take any photos. Thank goodness we managed to get a lift back by boat

Having sat around for a few days trying to fix all the various engine problems and failing, we sailed out of the anchorage at dawn and headed for
Hiva Oa. We assumed that there we would find at least a motor mechanic of some sort  but this wasn't the case so we didn't stay and
Erik fixed things at least temporarily so that we could leave for