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Feeling somewhat recovered we arrived in Isabela keen to do some exploring

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more tunnels.jpg (83803 bytes)

This is an area where there are lots of runs of lava into the sea

In many places the lava has formed aches above and below water

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Cooling Penguins.jpg (107551 bytes)

There is something about seeing penguins that makes you feel that the water should be full of ice flows

The penguins seem to feel the same as they stand about with their wings out and their mouths open looking totally overheated

Shark hunting.jpg (69387 bytes)

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I can't believe I was doing this but I was swimming round the lava tunnels looking for sharks!

The penguins are wrong. It really IS too cold in the water here. The Humboldt current brings very cold water up from the Antarctic and the next day I was glad of the wetsuit I'd bought in Panama

White Tip shark.jpg (68928 bytes)

Hammerhead shark.jpg (70467 bytes)

Here is one of the sharks I was looking for-a harmless white tip no more than 4 ft long

This is all we could see of a hammerhead shark which I definitely wasn't wanting to swim with

Blue Footed Boobies.jpg (87002 bytes)

Iguanna.jpg (83371 bytes)

Very well named Blue-Footed Boobies with their startling turquoise feet

No island is complete without its iguanas

Two Iguanna.jpg (95139 bytes)

many Iguannas.jpg (96930 bytes)

....and thick and fast they came at last

....and more and more and more

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Ray swimming.jpg (45261 bytes)

A beautiful eagle ray swimming in the shallows

and another beside the boat

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more turtle.jpg (56431 bytes)

This bay was thick with turtles, we swam with them for ages

another one near the lava tunnels

like ducks.jpg (85542 bytes)

birds gotta swim2.jpg (63778 bytes)

Penguins looking just like ducks

and birds gotta swim.......

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Main Street Vilamel.jpg (69201 bytes)

Car transporter with a difference although all the roads are dirt tracks

The main street in Vilamil with its curious lamp posts and a familiar figure clutching a hand of bananas ready for the off tomorrow

Gulp, now for the