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2904 nautical miles in a straight line if such a line were possible! 
On a circumnavigation, this piece of ocean is the longest leg that can't be reduced in any way as there are no islands at which to break the journey.

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Au Clair de la Lune.jpg (45756 bytes)

Off into the sunset

Sailing by the light of the moon

We've had our fair share of minor disasters on this part of the voyage. We motored in a flat calm on the first day to make sure that we would be clear of Isabela before nightfall as there are some wicked currents and we didn't want to drift ashore during the night. 
After 15 hours the alternator broke so no more engine. 
Not a problem as we weren't intending to use it anyway until getting into harbour in the Marquesas.
 So we drifted for two days going nowhere much. We have solar power and most things run off 12volts. 
Next the electric autohelm decided to give up the ghost. 
Not a problem since we were expecting, once into the trade winds, to sail constantly and we have the Aries wind helm for that. 
Getting down into the latitude of the Trades was a bit more of a problem as the Aries needs a reasonable amount of wind to work. 
So we spread all possible canvas and, having got the lightweight headsail hoisted a bit wrong in the dark, it split.
Not a problem as we have a tough little sewing machine on board courtesy of Martin Simpson.

A stitch in time.jpg (70675 bytes)

mended lightweight headsail.jpg (72048 bytes)

Of course  the brand new inverter refused to work so we had nothing to power the sewing machine.
Not a problem with a tough big Foss to hand stitch it.

Headsail repaired and back in action poled out wing and wing with the Genoa

Headsail and Staysail.jpg (79254 bytes)

Main and Headsail.jpg (83878 bytes)

Trade Winds? Trade Zephyrs more like!
We've just about had every sail that we own up at some point.
This is the Genoa and Staysail

Genoa and Mainsail

Dolphins on surface.jpg (86221 bytes)

Dolphins beside boat.jpg (93753 bytes)

Oh well plenty of time to enjoy the wildlife and we weren't in a hurry 

More of the same pod of dolphins playing with our not very impressive bow wave

Fish gotta Fly.jpg (45688 bytes)

volunteer.jpg (58978 bytes)

......Fish gotta fly

and even squid drop in unannounced 

Dorado for dinner.jpg (68268 bytes)

Boobie aboard.jpg (67216 bytes)

This dorado made a much better series of dinners than either of the above volunteers would have.
This fed us for 5 days

Some passengers drop in by air

Tootle parp.jpg (79349 bytes)

Land Ho!.jpg (69057 bytes)

and there is no-one to complain about the noise as Erik worked hard at his clarinet practice

and finally, early one morning, Land Ho! 
the island of Fatu Hiva

Oh yes, no navigation lights. Don't know why yet. 
Not a problem as at night we take turns to keep watch and anything large would be picked up by our radar detector
Of course the only vessels we saw were 3 large trawlers that weren't using radar!

As before, if you want to see what apparently endless ocean looks like, go to 

Finally on land again in