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An office like this might make you want to come to work! This is the harbour master's office in Obaldia which is the first town in Panama.

Carreto bay, just up the coast where we anchored because Obaldia was too rolly. 

This is the start of the 
which is such a wonderful place that it has a page of its own.

So after the time out in Kuna Yala we come back to the real world where monkeys walk upright and men ride their horses into bars. What?!

This was the surprising sight when we arrived at Isla Linton after leaving the San Blas Archipelago. From a distance he looked just like a little man striding around and he even raised one arm up and waved!
 As we watched during the day it became apparent that, with so many sightseers coming to the island, he had learned to copy how they walked. The arm waving was actually mimicking the tourists throwing food to him so it was a hint that he wanted some grub.

I didn't manage to get a shot of the man riding in, this was the lad who was left to hold the horse.

Here is our faithful follower, Ferloguen, motoring up behind us.

Gail was aboard Ferloguen so she took this photo as we had a nice headsail run along to Portobelo

'As we sailed along the coast we passed Nombre de Dios bay which used to be the main harbour until Portobelo took over in the mid 1500s.
So I've finally seen where Drake was buried after learning the poem at school.
 'slung atween the round shot in Nombre Dios Bay and dreaming arl the time o' Plymouth Hoe'

The new town of Portobelo is a bit of a come down from what the old one must have been.

As we leave the Panama Yacht Club in Colon we say our final goodbye to Ferloguen and also to Infini. Of course not goodbye just yet to the skippers as both Christophe and Francis are coming with us to act as line handlers.
We are on our way to