Santa Cruz
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Almost Immediately upon arrival in Santa Cruz Foss fell victim to the Darwin Bug (specially evolved to infect yachties) that Erik had caught in San Cristobal. This meant that although we spent over a week here we didn't see much.

Cactus Tree.jpg (106072 bytes)

baby tortoise soup.jpg (106886 bytes)

The Darwin centre with lots of the endemic species including this tree-like cactus

Baby Tortoise soup? 
Every year eggs are collected on each island and the young are returned to their homes after 4 years when they are reasonably safe from predators.

Lonesome George.jpg (110532 bytes)

more giant tortoises.jpg (86655 bytes)

Hiding in the bushes is Lonesome George, the only survivor from the island of Pinta. The centre is trying to persuade him to breed with 2 females from Isabela who have some of his genes but he isn't interested

Some of the older females

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taking a dislike to Erik.jpg (69957 bytes)

Bath time

Taking a bit of a dislike to Erik

bird on dinghy.jpg (58307 bytes)

Apart from the Darwin centre visit we were reduced to photographing whatever came to visit us. In this case a Noddy Tern

Better luck at ISABELA