Viti Levu
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We timed a dawn arrival at the eastern most group of islands and reefs in case the charts, as so often is the case, weren't quite accurate. 
This then meant a night entry into the harbour at Suva which, although the capital city of Fiji, wasn't terribly well lit

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After the three days we had to wait on board for quarantine to show up we finally made it ashore for a meal at the yacht club

The Royal Suva Yacht Club from the jetty

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Suva has an excellent fruit and vegetable market-never seen so many pineapples in one place

and an interestingly decorated gaol

After a few days of big city life and constant rain we were more than ready to go round to the dry western islands but first.....

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....Brio was waiting for us round on the other side of the main island so here we are coming into Vuda Point marina

Action shot of Foss throwing a line as we come in to tie up

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Brio Leaving.jpg (55314 bytes)

Marinas are not really our scene but it had been blowing 40 knots outside and it was rather nice to be lying quietly inside

Brio setting off for New Caledonia

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Sugar city- Lautoka the main town on the west side of the island  

cane train

Laundry done (in a machine for a change!) all watered up and we're off to