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There are many tiny islands scattered around inside the protective outer reef on the west side of Fiji. Too many to visit so we settled on two contrasting ones

mana island backpackers.jpg (87415 bytes)

feet washing.jpg (81640 bytes)

Feeding time at one of the back-packers hostels on Mana where we found Hlne again and joined her for a meal

Erik washing the sand off his feet during a two hour walk which took us right round the island

hand rock.jpg (68909 bytes)

red rock beach.jpg (98585 bytes)

There were some lovely rock formations

and beautiful colours

red rock.jpg (108438 bytes)

dead tree.jpg (95154 bytes)

and textures in stone

and driftwood 

temple of doom.jpg (91645 bytes)

seats of the gods.jpg (95778 bytes)

rather surprisingly we came upon an Indiana Jones type temple of doom

which turned out to be an old film set

from the sublime of Mana to the ridiculous of